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Two Brothers by Ben Elton. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Read "Two Brothers" by Ben Elton available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. Berlin Two babies are born. Two brothers . Read Online Two Brothers by Ben Elton EBook [PDF] Easy Way to Read Online or Download Two Brothers by Ben Elton Link.

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Ben Elton Two Brothers Ebook

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. BEN ELTON's career as both performer and writer . Having only ever thought of Ben Elton as a comic I bought this kindle ebook on the basis of the positive reviews on this site. The story may seem a bit. (ebook) Two Brothers from Dymocks online store. Berlin Two Two Brothers. Ben Elton. (ebook) Two Brothers - Adventure Fiction Modern. Write a review. Compre Two Brothers (English Edition) de Ben Elton na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos.

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The brothers themselves were fairly well written but again their CONSTANT obsession with Dagmar made them rather dull, instead of them being shaped by growing up and being passionately moved by the tragic events around them every second thought and every action they commit revolves around this single girl which really made them quite boring.

When you know every other paragraph or sentence within the novel will contain her name it just takes any interest out of their characterisation. The plot had its ups and downs, I will admit there are some chapters I did genuinely enjoy but the biggest plot twist at the end of the novel MAJOR spoilers was not a surprise to me.

So the ending really fizzled out. I read this book because I thought it'd be a tragic story about two brothers love and struggle for one another but really it could have just been called Dagmar, because the brothers both disregard each other, their morals, and family for her.

If I was reading a romance novel then I really couldn't complain but I personally was hoping for a novel that looked at the bigger picture. Mar 17, S. Moss rated it did not like it. I can see that this book has had lots of positive reviews, and I know that Ben Elton has plenty of fans, so I appreciate that I am in the minority with a one-star review.

I will try and explain my reasons for my rating. On the positive side, the idea behind the story is a good one. We often hear of twins separated at birth, but what about twins united at birth? Especially if these twins are born on the same day as the Nazi party got its name. The idea immediately raises intriguing questions of na I can see that this book has had lots of positive reviews, and I know that Ben Elton has plenty of fans, so I appreciate that I am in the minority with a one-star review.

Two Brothers

The idea immediately raises intriguing questions of nature or nurture, some of which are explored in the story. Unfortunately for me, there were serious flaws in the way the story was written. Other reviewers have pointed out the modern London dialogue which doesn't just grate and annoy, but destroys any feeling of authenticity and put me off most of the characters rather than feeling for them.

I'm talking about dialogue such as "Blimey, Otts, mate The dialogue is a symptom of a general problem. Although Ben Elton has researched his facts well, most of them , he does not seem to have steeped himself in the culture of that time and place, so that I got the feeling I was reading about 21st century London teenagers transplanted into s Berlin.

As far as the facts go, the author takes the historical framework then hangs his characters' lives onto it, rather than starting with the characters and seeing how their lives are influenced by the historical events. I suppose it is one way of writing a historical novel, but it often feels forced. One example is Wolfgang's visit to Munich to see the exhibition of "degenerate Art". Without giving too much away, I very much doubt that a man in Wolfgang's physical, mental and financial state at that point would have done that.

This history itself is described in a simplistic, black and white, way. I thought maybe it would be a good book for children or young teens, but the swearing counts that out. The overall effect is like having a foul-mouthed history teacher shout at you. I found the writing clumsy and overly melodramatic in places.

The reader is told this or that again and again - the brothers liked punching each other. Paulus was the planner. Otto was the fighter. Dagmar was amazingly beautiful. The Nazis were brutal. And Ben Elton loves his repetition. Repetition that repeats itself.

Repetition that's repetitive. Having said all that, I did read the book to the end. I don't think Ben Elton is a great - or even a good - writer of serious novels on the basis of this book, but he can tell a story. I found the postscript about the author's relatives most interesting and almost wished that he or a ghost writer had written their true story instead of "Two Brothers. Nov 21, Jacqui rated it it was amazing Shelves: Unfortunately for the reader, how far Hitler went is already known, which makes the story all the more poignant.

After all, if the Jews themselves could scarcely believe what was happening to them, then why should the people who hurried by on the other side of the street, looking the other way? Oct 21, Andrea rated it it was ok. Awful dialogue. Poor characterisation. The first and last Ben Elton book that I will read! May 12, Bev rated it it was amazing.

They are born at the same time as the Nazi party in Germany. The book follows their lives and loves and weaves a wonderful tale of childhood fun, romance and then war. How does a nation slowly turn on the Jewish people and become complicit in the extermination of millions of people? Elton brilliantly critiques the evils of nationalism, elitism, racism, through the lives of his characters. I cannot say enough good things about this book.

Not only was the history well researched, it was written from such a personal perspective, that I couldn't put it down, except when I needed a break from the raw emotion. And then I had to take it up again, because I couldn't wait any longer to see how the story developed. I read it start to finish in a single day, and it left me breathless at times.

Definitely up there for book of the year for me. Read on my blog: Jan 12, Katie Barrowman rated it it was amazing. I always look forward to a new Ben Elton novel.

Often, the premise is stretched, the characters less than believable, and the writing slightly too in-your-face, but they're always, in the end, an enjoyable read, especially when the author wanders into the realms of speculative fiction. However, when it comes to the historical novel going by this and 's excellent 'The First Casualty', and perhaps even 'Blackadder Goes Forth' Elton transcends his other work.

This novel evokes twenties and th I always look forward to a new Ben Elton novel. This novel evokes twenties and thirties Berlin with ease and panache, with characters who feel so much more real than many of Elton's previous creations. By turns heartbreaking, endearing and hilarious, I found myself wanting to know more of these characters and their lives once the novel was finished. From the stoic and heroic lady doctor, to the mystery of the brothers' identities, there is much to love about Two Brothers, and it's worth a read just for the history refresher alone - you may wish to have Wikipedia on standby to read about some of the notable events alluded to throughout the book.

Perhaps the reason that this book feels so much more real than many of Elton's works is that in a sense, it is. Loosely based on members of his own family, there is real investment from the author here, which comes across on every page. Jan 26, Alex Brantham rated it it was ok. It's described as his "most personal novel to date", and maybe that's the problem. This is a frankly dreadful novel. The basic premise - two brothers living a complex life through WW2 - is fair enough.

But Ben Elton's usual problem in real life is that he doesn't know when to stop preaching it was always the weakness of his stand-up comedy and in this book, he tells us that the Nazis were bad. Then he tells us that they were very bad. They did bad things. And did you know that they were bad? Yes It's described as his "most personal novel to date", and maybe that's the problem. Yes, thanks, we knew that! One or two contextual reminders would have been ok, but it got very, very tiring and in the end ruined what might have been a half-decent story.

Sep 27, Roberta Perez rated it it was amazing. Obrigada Mara pelo delici Fantastico! Obrigada Mara pelo delicioso presente! Jun 15, Avi rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very enjoyable read.

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The storyline was interesting and had me gripped throughout. I loved the authors style of writing. A great work of historical fiction. View all 6 comments. Jul 19, VaultOfBooks rated it really liked it. By Ben Elton. A When one is confronted by a good book that one is in a real dilemma.

How to rate its merits and demerits? Should one go back to basics taught eons ago in undergraduate courses or just follow the trends in numerous sites proclaiming to know what is right? I have tried to do a balancing act. The book, like so many modern books, does not have a linear narrative. It jumps between the s Germany and the s London. The theme suits the style admirably well. We start at the be By Ben Elton. We start at the beginning when two brothers are born in s Berlin.

We learn that Stone, who is in the British foreign office, is a Jew from Germany and has been contacted by Dagmar suspected to be a Stasi, or an East German spy. We also learn that he does not know what happened to his family in Germany, why he had never gone back. The two brothers mentioned in the title are Paulus and Otto born to Wolfgang and Freida in a bitter cold February, sharing the same birthday as the Nationalist Socialist Party or the Nazi Party.

How the three children fare is the main crux of the story. The reader is made aware of one very important thing almost immediately: Freida is studying to be a doctor and has received a scholarship, much to the consternation of her parents. Wolfgang is a musician dreaming of becoming the next Mendelossohn. Freida becomes a doctor and Wolfgang turns to Jazz.

The s world of gaiety when inflation soared and champagne flowed is etched out well. The flappers and the jazz musicians make the world a dream place for Wolfgang as he strikes gold with his wit, knowledge of art and musical arrangements.

Freida is the realist understanding that this gaiety cannot last. The brothers grow up sharing everything — even love for the same woman. Otto is rash and never backs away from a fight while Paulus is cool and calculating; it is ultimately his level-headedness that rescues the two from a grim death when they decide to save Dagmar, the girl of their dreams, from the Nazis. The plot keeps flitting to and from the past. The theme is not a new one and has been dealt with in many books since the brutal days of Hitler, the SS and the famous Final Solution but the style and the skill makes one forget all that.

What moves us, sadly, is not the plight of millions but the personal hardship of a few, in this instance, the two brothers, Dagmar and Silke, and to some extent their family. The author has taken the greatest pains to characterize the men but has not given the same depth to Dagmar who was the instrument in shaping the destiny of the protagonist.

The end is hurried and rather less moving than the rest of the novel. Once the motivations are revealed the novel loses its sheen. Thankfully it happens at the very end. The book is definitely one that I would read again and again despite its minor flaws.

An absolute must for fans of literature of the World War II era.

Originally reviewed at Vaultofbooks. We are looking for perceptive readers who can write well, and we are eager to provide lots of free books in exchange for reviews. Shoot us a mail at contact vaultofbooks. Dec 02, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: Ben Elton has written some very good lines. The Young Ones and Blackadder alone would be enough to have made him a screen writing legend.

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When he added the musical We Will Rock You and a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera to his accomplishments, most would have self-satisfactorily called it a day. He has also written some novels, which I have studiously avoided as someone who often judges books by their covers. If I had been asked to name the author of Two Brothers having read it without any know Ben Elton has written some very good lines. If I had been asked to name the author of Two Brothers having read it without any knowledge of its authorship, I would have got to Elton's name quicker by going through a phone book than by guessing.

Without having any idea of the rest of his literary work this book, ludicrously, does not strike me as typical of Elton. This is extremely unfair of me, but a gut feeling is a gut feeling. This gut feeling was some way off. The characters are lucid against the extremely uncertain backdrop of late s and s Berlin, imbued at times with a kind of pathos that genuinely makes the reader wish for an ending one knows is impossible.

There are stereotypical wearers of the Nazi jackboot, but who am I to say that the bottom-of-the-ladder Fascist was not the foaming-at-the-mouth, gormless spouter of Hitlerisms? One area in which Elton does an exceptional job is in his portrayal of the chaos of those hopeless years, especially when juxtaposed with the roaring expectation of the mid to late 20s.

The drip-feeding of anti-Semitic laws, the gradual erosion of civil liberties, and the human cost of the slow strangulation of Jewish life in Berlin are marvelously handled; far and away the best feature of a work which is pretty good as a whole.

All in all the cover of the book is much better than those usually pasted across Elton's works, so perhaps my predilection for thought-provoking covers has borne fruit once more. Two Brothers leans towards cliche at times, and their are characters who could have been more subtly portrayed, but it is an interesting and entertaining read whether this period is of interest or not.

Jul 23, Viviane Cordeiro rated it liked it. Ive been reading WWII fiction for as long as I can remember, so we can say that my standards are fairly high - I'm not an specialist or whatever, but after a while you need to feel the history flooding through the book, otherwise it won't wotk out.

However, it took me a couple of hours to write this review and do it properly! Don't ask me if it was the author's intention or a simple writing misunderstood, but the only thing that usually brought me back to the idea of a book set in Berlin were the name of the streets, apart from it I was always in UK, US and everything in between.

Another matter - which was well pointed out by some reviewers over GD - is about the boys infatuation with Dagmar: Of course the dynamic wouldn't be the same without it, but it was just so fruitless and ridiculously predictable that I could feel the anger boiling in my veins since Dagmar's first appearance.

And if there's something I really liked in this novel were the twists, even thou in some moments I felt like I was trapped in a Mexican Soap Opera, they were well done. The best and most remarkable character in it was Wolfgang - he was the only one who could really stand out of that amount of soulless characters.

His witty humor was one of a kind. Too bad he wasn't the main focus of the book - that would be better. Maybe him and the guys from City of Thieves by David Bennioff would be the best trio ever! Jul 30, Michael Garrett rated it really liked it. The story, partly retold from , is set in Berlin from the early s up to and including its occupation by the Allied Forces in May The overview is from the perspective of two "twin" brothers and their dearest friend, Dagmar.

As the story unfolds the reader is drawn into the close and often tense intra-relationship between the three central characters and the inter-relationship of this close group and that of their immediate families, community, city and ultimately the government. Alth The story, partly retold from , is set in Berlin from the early s up to and including its occupation by the Allied Forces in May Although, it is fictional, it is based on historical truth as the events of the story such as the Reichstag Fire in did happen.

Since historical fiction is one of my favourite genres, and Ben Elton is a fine writer, I enjoyed the book as he manages to keep the reader absorbed throughout.

He also manages to blend humour with sadness in an interesting and thought-provoking way. A young and disaffected teenager from Inner London might find it very difficult to identify with the characters in Jane Austen's novels but can easily identify with the angst of those in Nick Hornby's productions.

Nov 05, Shannon rated it it was amazing. Ah, Ben Elton you certainly know how to tug at my heart strings. My fascination with WW2 is so great that of course this is a book I was going to have to read, especially after hearing such great things about it from the publisher's rep.

A Jewish couple have a baby and adopt a German boy who was born on the very same day.

Fast forward 15 or so years later when the purge of Jewish blood is being carried out ripping the family and the "twins" apart. Add into this the knowledge we get in the first f Ah, Ben Elton you certainly know how to tug at my heart strings. Add into this the knowledge we get in the first few pages in a chapter marked from the year , that one of the brothers didn't survive and you have a story that is guaranteed to have you glued to the page.

Which brother? What happens? The ending twists and turns and basically every time I felt like I had finally found my feet again then oops there it all goes again. Initially I found Ben's humorous writing style to be too lighthearted for the dark backdrop that is Germany WW2 era but I certainly came to terms with it and even came to appreciate those moments it brought after being subjected to other more odious scenes.

I found this book to be historically fascinating and I even had to hold back tears a few times. May 31, WarpDrive rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beautifully written book with a compelling storyline. One of the best historical novels I have recently read.

There are a couple of historically inaccurate facts, and the book is sometimes a bit over simplistic and one-sided in representing the cultural and political environment of the Weimar period, glossing over the social, political and cultural reasons that caused the ascent of dictatorships in Europe after World War II but, after all, this is historical fiction book and not a history book. Having said this, the book manages to beautifully recreate the atmosphere of Germany during the period covered by the author and it is overall quite accurate.

The dialogues are a bit "slangy" especially at the beginning and I doubt that they would faithfully represent the way the German characters would have actually expressed themselves, but overall this book has been a real pleasure to read.

In particular I found the character of Dagmar beautifully developed in its human complexity. Highly recommended to anybody who has an interest in this fascinating historical period. OK, lets be honest, this book does not know who its target audience is. The style is so yoof it can only surely be intended for so-called young adults, indeed I only read it because I wanted a copy for my year old's Christmas stocking and over the space of 2 shopping trips ended up with 2 copies.

In appealing OK, lets be honest, this book does not know who its target audience is. In appealing to his readership, Elton has lost track of his characters - half of the language he puts in their mouths is hardly credible outside the s, let alone placing it in the s. All of that aside, its a fair yarn if crammed with every stereotype of Nazi brutality visited in monotonous sequence upon a very small gaggle of victims.

Two Brothers (English Edition) - eBooks em Inglês na

It takes an age to get up a head of steam and the last 50 pages are so hurried it was almost as if Elton woke and realised if he didn't bring it to a close it would run to a thousand pages. I randomly picked this up at the library, because the cover immediately caught my attention, and the description on the back seemed interesting. Probably one of my favourite books I've ever read. A very real depiction of the Nazi rise in Berlin and how it affected the lives of everyday people, Germans who were Jews, without them seeing it coming.

It's not over-the-top, it's not dull, I just can't really think of words that would fit this book. Elton adds some great elements of humour that made me I randomly picked this up at the library, because the cover immediately caught my attention, and the description on the back seemed interesting. Elton adds some great elements of humour that made me giggle, but also manages to strike the reader with shock, and even managed to bring me to tears at the end of the novel.

I couldn't really bring myself to pick it up on the last pages, because I knew I'd be sad it was over. The descriptions, characters and elements of the book are so historically accurate that this book was also a much-needed history lesson. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Ben Elton. Ben Elton. The youngest of four, he went to Godalming Grammar school, joined amateur dramatic societies and wrote his first play at He wanted to be a stagehand at the local theatre, but instead did A-Level Theatre Studies and studied drama at Manchester University in His career as both performer and writer encompasses some of the most memo Ben Elton was born on 3 May , in Catford, South London.

His career as both performer and writer encompasses some of the most memorable and incisive comedy of the past twenty years. His ground breaking work as a TV stand-up comedian set the high standard of what was to follow.

More recently he has had successes with three hit West End musicals, including the global phenomenon We Will Rock You. He has written three plays for the London stage, including the multi-award-winning Popcorn. Elton lives in Perth with his Aussie wife Sophie and three children. Books by Ben Elton. Trivia About Two Brothers. Detalhes do produto Formato: Transworld Digital 8 de novembro de Vendido por: Habilitado X-Ray: Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

Tente novamente mais tarde. Amei este livro. Oh, Ben Elton!! This book is your best. You've told the story of the Jews of Berlin. How their citizenship and human rights were stripped away little by little, right after right until they were regarded as sub human, who deserved no rights at all. It is a moving story and one that must have been all too common in that era of madness.

Do you think your neighbours could never turn against you, betray you? Read this book. Do you think society would never tolerate a government capable of such awful cruelty? And do you think a whole country cannot cast aside reason and humanity, cannot be infected with the same evil mania?

Read ths book. I don't think I'll ever forget the scene of the children on the truck. It's forever there, seared into my brain with never an answer to the question, why? If you want to understand a little more the pure evil of the Nazis, if you want to mean it a little more when you say, never again, to shore up your outrage that for a time we all looked the other way, read this book. Having only ever thought of Ben Elton as a comic I bought this kindle ebook on the basis of the positive reviews on this site.

It is a book I couldn't rest until reading through to the end. Haunting and bittersweet it opens up the day by day struggle to keep family, friends and self alive in the maelstrom of pre WWII Berlin.

This is a journey of 4 friends, Otto and Paulus and Silke and Dagmar, moving from the heights and lows of post WWI Berlin interspersed with the story of one of the boys set in 's London and then further afield to post war East Germany. I had never realised how badly the spiralling hyper inflation of the early 's affected the lives of everyone in Berlin and Germany in general but the book is based in Berlin and how that struggle formed part of the base for Hitler's despicable Blame the Jews policies.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who understands that to know the stories of the past is essential to understand them in order not to repeat them. The family history Ben Elton writes about at the end of the book shows this is in no way only a fictional story - and leaves us to ponder how many millions of other families did not get the chance to record their fight for survival.

An interesting plot but just didn't quite connect for me. The story managed to convey the impact of the Third Reich on a regular Jewish family in Berlin. The ever increasing controls and restrictions on everyday life was well portrayed as the old "boiled frog syndrome" where each incremental change eventually resulted in the pogrom and the deaths of so very many.

However, the plot itself had a number of fundamental flaws which I just found hard to get past. I can't detail them without spoiling the story but I just don't think the characters would have behaved how they did or made the decisions they made.

Ben Elton - Author

Compra verificada. I picked this up after reading his fantastic Time and Time Again and I wasnt disappointed.

It took a little while for me to get into it, but then I finished it quickly. For me it was a different view of the horrors of the Holocaust.

Of course I couldnt help make comparisons of how people were eased into it with what is happening in the US today.

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